67th Fighter Squadron
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06-28-08 I finally found a website program that would let me edit this site. The Trellix program I had used was no longer supported and wouldn't load on my new computer. Very sad news to report Dr. Hasegawa's father has passed away. Please see the flight sim section. Dr. Hasegawa sent methis e-mail message. I have many special feelings for him.


I must inform you of the demise of my father Tatsuo Hasegawa on April
29 2008 who was a chief designer of Ki-94.

The details are described at


scroll down to 1/3 from the bottom
the bold-typed "The final curtain is falling" column.

He has passed away on Ki-94 to the heaven.

Akio Hasegawa, M.D., PhD

01-27-04 John Stiles came through again by finding still another living member of the 67th, Albert J. Meulendyke of Hilton head Island, SC
12-18-03 I've found another living member of the 67th and he's only 50 miles away!  Mike Pagel gave me the address and phone of his uncle Wilfred Pagel who at one time shared a tent with Arthur Durtsche.  I'll be contacting him so stay tuned for more site updates.  This is kind of sad because he lived only 50 miles from Ray all these years and neither knew it.  They could have been getting together.
08/30/03 I got to meet Arthur Durtsche in person and put another interview up at www.sim-outhouse.com for anyone interested.  What great stories.  
08/07/03 Steve Harvey contacted me in regard to his wife's uncle Lt. Stephen L. Borne who was killed in action Nov. 1944.  I'm trying to dig up the record of that mission for him.  Lt. Borne's pictures are in this site.
07/25/03 George sent some more pics of the 67th pilots in their P-39's.  Rare!
01/22/03 George Gray sent me a number of great new pics and are in the "newest Pics" section.  Don't miss these!!
01/04/03  Got a nice e-mail from Mary Jane Gray of Mississippi telling how she and her father liked the site.  Her father, George Gray flew with Ray in the 67th also so added him to my list of known pilots.  Now if I can just get to talk to him and/or get some new pics!!

08/05/02 Got an e-mail from Todd Cabral with info on his father Warren (still with us) who remembers the 67th pilots.  See stories section.

07/29/02 Got in contact with Arthur Durtschi who flew with Ray.  He was the one who told Ray to "bail out" when the tail broke off his P-39.  Ray didn't realize it and was trying straighten the plane out.  He is going to send me new info and pics for the site.  He's still running his business in Texas at age 80.  Watch for new pics and information.  Thanks to John Stiles for hooking us up.

06/14/02 Got an       e-mail from David Lumpkins who is George T. Dubis' son.  He sent some new pics and one is of Ray "in flight" in his  P-38.  David and I had a nice phone conversation recently!

01-12-02:  I've recently purchased a 30mm microfilm of all the 67th fighter squadron records from the USAF.  I have updated the information in all areas of this site to be absolutely accurate in regard to the missions and stories.  If you've visited before you'll probably notice some changes.  I have found some of the accounts that were supposed to have happened to Ray actually belonged to a different 67th pilot.  I can not possibly put this huge amount of data on this site but have some fantastic information (most of the pilot names for the 67th fighter squadron for example and what they were doing on a day to day basis).  I now have a scanner so will be putting some of these records (we printed out the whole thing!) into this site.